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Die Große Stille

Decided something today in a conversation on fasting….I wasn’t ever going to get a chance to watch “Into Great Silence” unless I fasted sleep. I’ve owned it for a few weeks now. So far I’d only been able to watch all of the “extra features”, which included the evening services in Latin….a pretty neat thing in and of itself. But it’s not a movie I could “fit neatly” into any daytime rest period…whether at work or with the girls.

So here I am, 1am. Having spent nearly 3 hours being taken through daily routines of one of the worlds’ oldest monasteries, nearly untouched by time. I stayed awake by typing random thoughts/notes while journeying through the monastic experience. I definitely recommend it. And recommend fasting sleep in order to create time and space to take it in properly.

I have many thoughts, and some of them will probably come as I continue to process all that the film contained, and all that God spoke while watching. For now I’m simply still in awe, and grateful to have shared this experience. Those involved in creating the film really did achieve their goal “to embody a monastery, rather than simply depict one.”

To share in liturgy that has been taking place for over 1,000 years. To see the purposefully simple way of life….to be jealous of much of their simplicity. To have quiet spaces built into the film, allowing for reflection and meditation on the Word, and God’s Spirit. To be reminded of that moment in 1 Kings 19, where God passed by Elijah. It was not in the wind, earthquake, or even the fire, but in the sheer silence.

I’m Thankful….for having spent time in such silence.


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