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“..and may we have 70 more”

That’s about the moment that I remembered that humor and Bible references don’t always hit home as intended. For my wife and I, who are both in our mid-late-twenties…we’ve been married 7 years, & “70 more” seems like I’m planning on us both passing in our 90’s.

Which would be awesome…but a bit shy of the “romantic” things people generally say. Usually it’s raised glasses clinking to things like “here’s to a hundred more!”.

When really, my statement was more romantic than “a hundred more”, using a reference to the King James translation of Matthew 18:22. Jesus was asked how many times someone should forgive their “brother” when they are sinned against. His response was “not seven times, but until seventy times seven”. Which doesn’t mean “490 times”…but rather with the number 7 being a symbol of completion/perfection/the infinite…and 3 being the most extreme form of something (i.e. “Holy, Holy, Holy” meaning “Holy, Holier, Holiest”)…Jesus uses the number 7, 3 times in a row here to create more than just a large number.

Basically saying, “until you lose count of the count. infinite. always and forever. etc…and illustrating that to live in such a way is associated with perfection, with God, etc.

All that to say, it was a bad joke.

But seriously, I love my wife. I look forward to many many many more years of life together. Glad she chose me. 🙂


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