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Magical Kingdom-ing with 3 little girls…

# 0 – ask my wife. She was pretty much awesome at researchin’ and planning it all out. But for real, if you only have one day, and wanna fit as much as you can/care to into it….and with a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old, and a 7 month old….this is how you do:

#1 – In line at 8am, board mono-rail at 8:45, head straight to Dumbo. Seriously…don’t get distracted by all the stuff they throw at you when you walk in. Even the picturesque etc. etc. Take a split second to laugh at families getting their pictures taken with stuffed animals…seriously.

#2 – After Dumbo, you have options. Several kid-oriented rides surround you. If you opt for Snow White, take caution that the word “Scary” IS actually in the title. Seriously…not a ride for 3 year olds really. But they can survive it. 🙂 Enjoy being able to drop your stroller off with all the others outside nearly EVERY ride! (don’t leave valuables, so you don’t worry)

#3 – After 2 or 3 kiddie rides, and maybe a trip through the Haunted Mansion, you may wanna take a break. Both the Philharmagic and the Country Bear Jamboree (if your kids would rather clap and laugh than sit and stare with glasses on) are in walking distance.

#4 – You’re probably hungry by now, and the kids ask for a snack in EVERY line….so get something here. No need to be fancy, just fuel for the tank. Go cheap and fast. 🙂

#5 – Head to Toontown. In just a couple hours you can: 1. play in a pretty nice, contained toddler play area. 2. tour Mickey’s house and get a private picture audience with Mickey & Minnie. 3. Have an audience with Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Booty all in a row at the Hall of Fame!!!
#6 – Leave the park and get a nap. Blasphemy, or wisdom? For us…it was definitely wisdom.

#7 – Head back in time to see the (around Christmas) lighting of Cinderella’s castle. Pretty sweet. Then lock a spot for the parade while you alternate shopping, snacking, and dinnering. Make a few friends with other parade-waiters. Watch the parade, and catch the fireworks from the mono-rail back to parking. 🙂 You’ve survived!!
ps. Try and go with a ridiculously awesome family who helped make it all happen, and happen more smoothly than I would ever dare to try on my own. Who sacrifice time spent in other places doing other things….thanks everyone. 🙂 It was “Magical”.



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