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Young @ Heart

Tuesday night, my wife was out with a friend and the girls were in bed. I’d recently finished a book, and found myself flipping channels. I landed briefly on the new season of American Idol, but it was anything but new…and anything but worth watching.

Then I found PBS, a movie was playing that I’d heard of before and wanted to see. “Young at Heart“. Holy cow. Awesome movie. Seriously. A choir from New England, with members ages low 70’s to mid-90’s. Men and women who have found each other, and something worth pouring themselves into. Very talented, even without the age factoring in. But with the age, definitely becomes an endearing and heart-warming story worth watching. (or buying) A warning though, it will tug at your heart more than most “hey, let’s watch a dvd tonight” type movies…for sure. But in very good/healthy ways.

Our own church family celebrates the life of one of our own members turning 100 this week. Rachel is an energetic, self-motivated woman. She drives herself to church most every Sunday, even in recent sub-zero temperatures. Less than 2 years ago, she called and asked if I would come help her finish staining her gazebo, because even though she could climb the ladder and balance on top of it to get the job done….she figured maybe she shouldn’t.

I hope and pray that I reach that age with the same enthusiasm/gusto that many of these seem to have. I know that means beginning to take better care of myself, perhaps even eating some of those green things that are so popular on other people’s plates.

I doubt my audience contains many of these…but in case there are…thank you. And may we each find some of the elderly in our lives this week to reach out to and appreciate. For the lives they’ve lived, and for the value their lives still bring to our world today. 🙂

I’ll leave you with the trailer….


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