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Rule 78

Today you should watch the Detroit Redwings take on the #1 team in the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks (11:30 CST, NBC). You’ll see two incredible teams, who both had physically demanding road games on Saturday in other states. They’ll go head to head in Detroit, where the Wings hope to make up for a horrible conclusion to Saturday’s action, and make some headway in their quest for points in the Western Conference.

That horrible conclusion? Just watch this.

Seriously. And I know fans are always saying “that wasn’t fair”, etc. But for real, yo.

A goal in the NHL occurs ONLY if the puck crosses COMPLETELY over the line. Also, when a call is made on the ice (in this case, NO GOAL), the video replay must WITHOUT DOUBT prove that it was a bad call. That was not accomplished.

Let’s hope those involved are able to make better decisions today against Chicago. Great hockey, and broad-casted to a national audience, if anything. We all win. 🙂



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