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And Jesus said to her, "Woman…"

In John 2:5, Jesus uses the common respectful term for any given woman who he may be speaking with. The word “gunai”. Not a term usually used by sons addressing their mothers (“meter”), but at the same time not disrespectful. Simply acknowledging perhaps, that there is a new relationship here. That as He is moving into a new phase of His life, and has now become “Son of Man”, as opposed to hers alone.

The same word is used in John 19:26, when Jesus “saw his mother (metera) and the disciple whom he loved standing beside her, and said to his mother (metri) “Woman (gunai), here is your son.”

Jesus isn’t denying that Mary is His mother, but is offering a new emphasis to their relationship….which no longer views her maternal relationship as the most important role. But also understanding in that moment that Mary now needed a son (to take care of HER), he offers this disciple saying in verse 27 “Here is your mother (meter). And from that hour the disciple took her into his own home.”

I recognize that a large part of this is unique to Jesus becoming “Son of Man”, etc. But there is another aspect that strikes me as a parent. I don’t think my children will ever address me as “Man” in word. But there will hopefully come a point in their maturing where they recognize there is something larger about the way we relate. The part that older parents often get close to tears when they talk about, when their children no longer come to them for cuddling. No longer “need” them the way our girls currently need us in many ways.

Someday, my daughters will look at me and say “I’m moving forward with something big.” They will step into a new phase in their life. Maybe a long-distance career. Maybe a husband/family. Maybe simply a new job near us (crossing fingers). But it will come.

Perhaps if I begin praying for my response to that moment now, it might help just a little when it finally arrives. If anything, it will help me appreciate the small moments that can easily be taken for granted…



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2 thoughts on “And Jesus said to her, "Woman…"

  1. ha. totally had something during all 3 chances to hear his sermon. doesn't usually happen that way, but it did.

    but it sounds like not too big of a disagreement, just a different emphasis. 🙂

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