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The Holiness Manifesto: Fin

So there it is. A review of each chapter within the book “The Holiness Manifesto“.

Introduction: A Guiding Vision for the Future (link is to my initial finding the book)

The Context: Past and Present

The Holiness Manifesto (link is to the original manifesto)

Fresh Eyes on Holiness: Living Out the Holiness Manifesto (link is to response to original manifesto)

1. Goodness and Worship: A Perspective on Old Testament Holiness

2. Holiness in New Testament Perspective

3. Jesus and a Gospel of Holiness and (Part Two)

4. Integrated Streams of Holiness: Christian Holiness and Unity, Ancient and Future

5. The Social Vision of the Wesleyan Holiness Movement

6. Holiness: Sins Anticipated Cure

7. Holiness and the 5 Calls of God: Holiness in Postmodernity

8. Transformed by Grace: The Beauty of Personal Holiness

9. Social Holiness: Journey, Exposures, Encounters

10. Holiness in the City

11. Local Church Impact

12. Preaching as Charisma

The appendix that follows these contains 4 approaches to the definition of “Holiness” that can be useful when reading all of this, or in general.

Overall, I recommend the book. Perhaps not to be read straight through, but whenever you’re hungry/in need of a reminder of this concept that is so wrapped up in our creation and new creation; yet so often misunderstood and sold short. May we continue to be a people created Holy, called Holy, and called to become Holy…in the name of Jesus.


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