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the infamous "ad"

You gotta hand it to FOF, they gotta point here:

“Dear Friend,

By now you’ve likely heard about what’s been called the most controversial ad to appear in the Super Bowl in many years–a Focus on the Family® spot featuring Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, sharing a message of “celebrate family, celebrate life.”

For the past two weeks, major television networks, news outlets and even Saturday Night Live have jumped into the dialogue. We’ve been accused by a few organizations of being anti-woman, intolerant, divisive, and spewing hate. But what’s most amazing about these charges is that they’re based entirely on conjecture–none of our critics has yet seen the ad! (Beginning on Sunday, after the game, you can access the ad on

In responding to these charges, Focus President Jim Daly has had the chance to share the true message of this ad in interview after national interview–and the sheer volume of coverage for our message of celebrating family and life has been worth far more than the cost of the ad itself.

Besides that, the media, in covering the controversy, has conveyed many more details about the difficulties surrounding Tim’s birth than we’ve been able to put in one 30-second ad. From the beginning, our goal has been to stimulate a discussion about the beauty of life and a mother’s determination to bear that life. Wow, is that conversation ever happening.”

Still unsure. Even if I agree with the message of the ad, human life being precious, and protecting the right of an unborn child to stay alive….do I agree the ad should have been given a spot during the Superbowl? While I’m no feminist, I still question a Christian organization’s desire to throw that much money (2.5 Million) into an ad (no scriptures indicate advertising as a path to religion that’s “Pure & Faultless.”) Then again, maybe it’s just another case of Andy Stanley and the bridge. When you’re that big, even simple things gotta cost a lot of money. Eh?

What do you think?



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One thought on “the infamous "ad"

  1. sounds like a waste of money to me.

    That said, the uproar I've heard about it sounds like typical line-drawing intolerance, just done by liberals this time.


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