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game on, USA

Just in case you missed the original post, here is the schedule for TEAM USA ICE HOCKEY. Also, mad props to TEAM USA’s WOMEN’S HOCKEY for the crazy good game on Sunday against China. 12-1, and we all know it could have been higher, but they decided to use the game to work on some of their passing, etc. Credit to Angela Ruggiero for notching USA’s goal number ONE in the 2010 Winter Olympics!!!!

Okay everyone, the TV Schedules are out for some of the games. Here are the games to pay attention to for us in the USA:

Feb. 14th –
USA vs. China – Womens – USA WON – 12-1…WOOT.

Feb. 16th –
USA vs. Switzerland – Mens – 2pm-5pm CST – on USA Network
USA vs. Russia – Womens – 4:30pm CST – on MSNBC

Feb. 18th –
USA vs. Norway – Mens – 2pm-5pm CST – on USA Network
USA vs. Finland – Womens – 4:30-7pm CST – on MSNBC

Feb. 21st –
USA vs. Canada – Mens – 6:00pm-9pm CST – on MSNBC

But no matter who you are, or what country you cheer for….you NEED to be watching NBC, Sunday, Feb. 28th, from 2-5pm as the puck drops on the GOLD MEDAL GAME. See you there. Game On.


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