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Weekend to Remember

My wife and I were able to spend this weekend at “Weekend to Remember” by FamilyLife. I have to say, it was well worth the time. Thanks to great family offering free babysitting, and getting our tax return in time to pay for the hotel/food, and free registration scholarship for being in ministry – it worked out well.
I was a bit skeptical, at first. I envisioned lots of “men lead the family, hunt, grunt, and still need to cry in front of their wives”. Or even “marriages need lots more Jesus, and that’s about it”.

Thankfully, it was neither.

What it ends up being is some pretty good reminders about being purposefully in love with your spouse. About putting effort into not only maintaining that purpose, but growing in the experience of it as well. And all of it offered up as an act of worship to the God who made such a relationship possible.

Sure, there were cheesy jokes. There were times I’d make fun of myself for being there. There was even a movie clip from “Fireproof” used. But even with these things, the time spent and discussion prompts provided, and atmosphere of sending couples away with “projects” together….was very good for our marriage.

Not so incredible would be the “Poms” competition that seems to be taking place in the room directly next to ours. Seriously, I think the entire team is staying in one room, and as I type they’re playing the music and stomping like teenage female elephants. It’s great for a quiet, relaxing, final night at the Pere Marquette. 🙂

But all in all, I’d definitely recommend this to any married, engaged, or remarried couple. The seminars are good, the resources are inexpensive, the discussion prompts are great. But most of all, to spend a weekend communicating with your spouse on purpose, toward a future of receiving each other.And if you’re ever doing a “date night” in Peoria, IL – I recommend Water Street Wines Cafe & Coffees. Call ahead for reservations, and give yourselves at least 2 hours for your dining experience. They don’t have meat fondue, but it’s more than a complete meal to enjoy the cheese fondue with an Aztec chocolate fondue for dessert. We also added the creme brulee (3 flavors!) as a dessert companion…..holy cow. 🙂 All the food & coffee was ridiculously good. Add to that it’s small size, brick walls, and pillows on the bench atmosphere….and you got yourself a relaxing date night.

So there you have it. Definitely a “Weekend to Remember”, as advertised.



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