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Clashing with Titan theology

This isn’t quite a “review”, as there are many more people qualified or willing to say what they think about the movie currently in theaters.  I will briefly say I enjoyed the quick nod to Bubo the owl (see the original movie), and much of the great scenery/action scenes.  I also appreciated that there was very little offensive language, and the actors remained clothed….even if the main character wore a skirt through the whole thing.

Some quick background without giving away anything huge in the movie.  The story is of Perseus, who we learn early on is a “demigod”, born of Zeus and a woman.  The story goes on from there. 

What I’d want to note from the movie, and from this type of mythology in general, is the picture painted of Zeus and other gods.  Faint glimmers of light as we hear Zeus talk about having created humanity, and desiring their love and prayers. But those glimmers are very faint, as discussion moves to the gods receiving some sort of “power” from those prayers.  Scenes with many gods gathered “above”, in view of the clouded world below, choosing how and when to manipulate things in their favor.  Combined with scenes between Zeus and Hades in some sibling rivalry for control of Olympus, etc., and you’ve got a pretty thin but popular picture of theology today.

Sadly, even within protestantism.  Those who serve God out of fear of his retribution, or because they want to be involved in “defeating” evil in some way on the “winning side”.  Automatically attributing every success to God’s blessing, and every failure to some sort of defeat.  Morphing God’s words about being spiritually prepared to stand firm in His ways into battle cries for being armed to kick some butt for Jesus. (see, “armor of God”)

Last weekend, many of the teens in Decatur, IL and their youth workers heard Eric Samuel Timm speak and paint a message about “Repaint Jesus”.  We were challenged that this world has many who have been hurt or misled in regard to who God is: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit all included.  We are called as people who are in relationship with Jesus, to go into that world and paint a True picture of the Christ found in Scripture, and the Heart of God.

A God whose very nature is Love.  The Savior man who served humbly, and died on our behalf, revealing a new existence made possible not by brute force or wise tricks, but from the nature of being God.  The Spirit that is less about emotional experiences and miracles to prove divine favor, and more about empowering us to live in that very same nature.  This week especially, as the world knows we have just begun celebrating Easter and New Life together, we go into a world in need of having that Life lived out and offered to them.  May God be with us…



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