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Update from below.

Detroit 0 – San Jose 3

We’re down 3 games in a playoff series.  (Best of 7 means when someone wins 4, it’s over.)  This hasn’t happened in a while.  I just stared numbly at the screen last night, as San Jose celebrated their overtime win.  There has been talk of “end of an era”.  Maybe.  But it was one incredible era, and it birthed a pretty hardcore fan here.

And, it’s not over.

Twice in NHL history, this has happened before.  In 1942, everyone thought Detroit was going to seal the deal on the Toronto Maple Leafs.  But no, they came back winning 4 games straight to win the Stanley Cup!!!!  In 1975 quarterfinals, everyone was cheering for the Pittsburgh Penguins, as they looked to clinch the series and head into round 2.  But no, the NY Islanders came back winning 4 games in a row, climbing right over the waddling birds.

It has happened = It CAN happen.
Detroit has got to be pretty ticked off right now.  Some of the officiating, if not skewed, at least has been spectacularly horrible in recent games.  Howard, although not as solid as he could be, is still stopping plenty of shots, and looking like the starter goalie they’re treating him as. 
It all comes down to this.  Game 4.  In Detroit.  Thursday night.  I don’t care who you are, or where you live, or if you’re about to have a baby (shout out to Katy and Richie)…you need to watch this game.  No matter who wins, you will see some desperate hockey being played.  And if Detroit comes out with a victory, it will extend the incredible hockey at least one more game.  Hopefully more. 🙂
These games birth hockey fans.  
If ever you’ve wondered why people watch it…watch Thursday night.


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