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yet another "things I’ve learned" post.

– The more rears there are in a home, the faster the toilet paper is used up.  Adding to that effect, is that every booger needs it’s own square.

 – Bedtime is an art.  Not a science.

 – If toys can fit in the mouth, they will fit in the mouth.

 – My wife may not be Superwoman, but Superwoman could never do all that my wife does.  I win.

 – My daughters are just as cute when I’m upset with them.  This does not help with discipline.  The first step of which, is disciplining myself to be more disciplinary.  Sometimes I approach it the wrong way and hurt my feelings.  Then I find me apologizing to myself, skipping past the discipline, and in the end – Addie is down the hall with a new toy.

 – I’d much rather decide to get up at 5:30am, than be woken up at 7am.

 – If my life involves more things that require organization, I become a more organized person.  (slightly)

 – I enjoy the art involved in putting words together.

 – The Redwings no longer have Yzerman playing for them.   Or Chelios.  Or Legace.  Or Federov.  Or Larianov.  Or Shanahan.  (but I still love them.)

 – When saving a date for something important, it’s good to have the correct date.

 – Speaking of dates, date nights resemble college once again.  Can’t afford anything big, but don’t need much more than to be together, away from the bustle.

 – I miss having 7 or so guys to jump in a mini-van together and drive to a concert, ending the night hitting someone’s dog on accident, arguing a bit, and locking ourselves in the van until we’ve settled.

 – Facebook is awesome.

 – Facebook is horrible.

 – I’m simultaneously so glad and jealous that I didn’t have social networking websites available to me when I was a teenager.

 – Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a man whose life is worth over 1,000 pages of biographing.

 – Ants LOVE my daughters and their inability to keep food in their mouths and dishes.

 – I enjoy doing the dishes, because there is a measurable start, finish, and sense of accomplishment.

 – No, I won’t do yours.

 – I am blessed, and still thirsty for the supernaturally unexplainable outpouring of God’s Spirit on a life that is complete, and yet incomplete without each of these areas being given New Life…looking forward to Pentecost Sunday…



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