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Stanley Cup Finals

Detroit was out a few weeks ago.  But I’m still paying attention.  That’s right, I still care. Mainly because it’s the NHL, and I love hockey, and get a bit teary eyed when Lord Stanley’s Cup is hoisted. But this year, there’s a new reason:

Chicago may actually win the cup.

What that may do for their fan base in Central, Illinois, I’m not sure. So far, there seems to be a bit of a wall somewhere around Bloomington, and most people south of that wall seem to forget hockey exists.

Will this shatter the wall? Or at least, make a larger hole?  
I’ll be honest, there’s a small part of me who wants to see something else happen:  I’d love the media to really hype Marian Hossa, and how this will be his 3rd year in the finals, with a different team each year. How the past two years he’s watched “the other team” hoist the cup, and how this may be his year.  Then to see him cry once again, as Philadelphia steals the cup from his grasp…
But that’s probably just a bit childish.  GO HAWKS!!!
Saturday, May 29th – @ Chicago, 8pm – NBC
Monday, May 31st – @ Chicago, 8pm – NBC
Wednesday, June 2nd – @ Philadelphia, 8pm – VERSUS
Friday, June 4th – @ Philadelphia, 8pm – VERSUS
Sunday, June 6th – @ Chicago, 8pm – NBC
Wednesday, June 9th – @ Philadelphia, 8pm – NBC
Friday, June 11th – @ Chicago, 8pm – NBC
My guess is:  Chicago takes the cup in Game 6.  Mainly because that’s a Wednesday night, and I’m planning on having a STANLEY CUP party with the teens that night.  A good night for new hockey fans to be born. 🙂
ps.  Steve Yzerman heading to Tampa Bay for a GM position…..we’ll miss you Captain.  
You’re welcome back ANYtime.


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