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After you Believe

I’m beginning to read “After You Believe” by NT Write, which is a follow-up to his book “Surprised by Hope“.  I’m familiar with much of what he’ll be discussing, simply having listened to a great deal of his talks in the past year on themes such as “character”, and “virtue”, but I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say when given more time and space to develop those areas, and take them a bit further.

For now, I thought I’d toss out a quote for anyone who might be wondering “Why would I want to read that book?”:

Maybe your heart echos the questions fo this man who’d recently become a Christian, and was looking for more than simply an eternal guarantee of destination…

“God loves me; yes.

He’s transformed my life so that I find I want to pray, to worship, to read the Bible, to abandon the old self-destructive ways I used to behave.  That’s great.

Clearly (the people at church kept saying this, too) God wants me to tell other people about this good nwes, so that they can find it for themselves.  Fine.  It feels a bit strange, and I’m not sure I’m very good at it, but I’m doing the best I can.

And obviously all this comes with the great promise that one day I’ll be with God forever.  I know I’ll die one day, but Jesus has guaranteed thatt everybody who trusts him will live with him in heaven.  That’s great too. 

But what am I here for now?  What happens after you believe?

The book that follows is quite good…I promise.  Check it out. 🙂



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