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Luke 22:13

It’s time to celebrate the passover meal.  Jesus doesn’t simply tell his disciples “Go get things ready!”, and leave it at that.  Nope.  He says, “Go follow a man carrying the jar of water.  He’ll go into a home.  When he goes into a home, find the owner of that home, and ask him for the room.  He’ll know what you’re talking about.” (my paraphrase)

Wow.   Really? 

It seems like this is the kind of passage non-believers would make fun of.  A lame man walking, sure.  But a random prophetic coincidence like this?  Silly, right?  And yet, there it is.  Right along side the verses that talk about Jesus breaking the bread and sharing the cup.  Solid stuff.

There’s an important connection here.  Two very important things found in verse 13.

First – “they left“.  They heard the words of Jesus regarding what to do, and they were compelled to action.  They didn’t sit and wait passively…that wasn’t their instruction.  If they’d just stood around, who knows what would have happened. 

Many of us have heard God’s word in and for our lives.  We have the scriptures, and we’ve heard God speak His desire for our lives today, and for tomorrow.  Yet so many times, we stand around waiting passively.  Whether for more prodding, or a special blessing, or perhaps even a different word….we often wait.  Where can we be moving even NOW where God has compelled us forward?

Second – “they found“.  Jesus had been right.  It was no coincidence.  It was Jesus speaking, and what he had spoken happened.  We hear Jesus say in the book of John that the Son can only do what He sees the Father doing.  So where do we see God speaking, and things happening?  How about Genesis, and the story of creation.  God didn’t simply clap his hands, snap his fingers, or say “bibbity boppity boo” and the entire world became.  There’s a power in spoken word.  But not in spoken word alone, rather, in speaking the words of God.

Jesus calls us to follow Him.  To live our lives as He lived.  To have such power in the words we speak, that we echo the words of Jesus, and of God at creation.

It makes me think of the words I’ve spoken in the past week.  The words I will speak this week.  The amount of power and incredible Kingdom work they can accomplish.  Of course, I probably won’t tell anyone “Go follow a man with a can of pop.  He’ll go into a home.  Find the owner of the home, and ask him for a room.”  🙂

But I do want to find out where God desires words to be spoken.  Words of Love.  Words of Mercy.  Words of release, life, grace, forgiveness, hope, etc.  And when I find them….to Speak them in His Name…



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