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Camp – Day 4

Fridays are pretty good days.  Whether back in school years where everyone looked forward to the weekend, even if you didn’t have any plans other than to sit around waiting for Monday again.  Even as adults now, it seems most people are excited about the collective sigh of the workforce, as they’re released until Monday returns.

But at a camp that lasts from Tuesday through Saturday, Friday is just a little different.  It’s the last full day of camp.  For that boy who’s been working up the nerve to talk to that girl all week, today was do or die.  For the counselor who really really wanted to connect with that quiet teenager, today may have been one of their final opportunities.  For a life that God desires to transform in a unique way this week, today may be the day that teen decides their life is ripe for God to harvest for His use.

Friday morning we talked about “Insecurities”, and not eating from that fruit.  We experienced a time of prayer where we envisioned all of the eyes that are on us throughout life.  Whether our parents, our peers, the world, the opposite gender, etc.  Then we heard words from Jesus, calling us to look at His eyes…and to realize how He looks at us.  The teens then shredded a card at the altar that contained the list of names they’d previously been insecure around.

Friday evening we talked about being “Ambassadors for Christ” with Paul, and becoming the “Righteousness of God”.  About that not being a fluffy, or inconceivably impossible goal of how we live.  Compared it to a small Lego set with a picture on the box, meant to assemble a specific thing.  If you tried to assemble it into something else, it wouldn’t work very well.  But creating what it was made for, there is a “right-ness” to it.  God desires to restore our “right-ness”; what we were created to exist as….and desires us to be Ambassadors of a coming Kingdom where that “right-ness” reigns.  God was definitely at work in our time together…and beyond.

Oh yes…and we have been getting quite a few rocks stuck in our sandals…

And I finally got to revert back to my summer camp days, and do something a bit out of the ordinary…



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