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I love walking with my daughters around the mall. Usually, the best times for this are before 10am, when only the mall walkers and coffee sipping elderly are hangin’ out. But on my days off, sometimes we end up making the rounds a bit later in the mornings.

We have a list of things we enjoy doing together, that can be added to by whatever happens to be in the mall on that particular occasion. Case in point – a photo opportunity with a decorative shopping bag large enough to fit all 3 girls inside. 🙂

We’ll head to Bergner’s and ride the elevator up, taking turns pushing the button and watching out the giant glass window as we rise above the jewelry section. Then, just to develop a bit of discipline, we walk around the 2nd floor once, perusing the toddler clothes, and princess toys just long enough to say “I like this.” (this mornings’ quote – “Daddy, I want everything we don’t have.”), and end up back by the elevator, and ground level welcomes us back.

We stop in to see if Papa’s workin (manager of his store), and then we head to see the puppies (puppy/kitty adoption store). After that, we can stop by the book store, grab a couple hard paged classics, and sit on the floor or kids table to read ’em. If they’ve been good, we head over to Subway for a fresh cookie, possibly even playing in the toddler play area. Although 3 times out of 5, we can play several hours at the mall, dancing to the music in the lesser populated areas, etc….without using the play area. 🙂 Always an achievement.

My girls have energy. They have creativity. They desire everything. They breathe potential, hope, and what might happen. Possibilities are endless, and there are no boundaries.

I am their father. Called not to snuff the flame, but to enjoy it’s dancing flickers, and come alongside God to focus it’s heat, light, and energy. There are times of discipline, boundaries, and tears of obedience too…but I love this. Thanks Jesus.



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