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..and then there were 3.

It’s official.  An accomplishment so ridiculously pride-inducing, but at the same time only a sign post, with an arrow directing us toward even more responsibilities and work ahead.

We now have 3 little girls that can walk.  One that can run well without falling.  Two that can dance around.  Three that can dance in place.  And three, that can put one foot in front of the other, and move forward one step at a time.

And all 3, that can melt your heart – no matter what time of day or night.

There was another milestone we passed a while back that is worth mentioning – we now have 3 girls who are past the “bottle feeding” stage.  Another great illustration, which along with walking, has great sermon-illustration type possibilities.  I won’t fill an entire blog with those, because most are very obvious.  Just take a moment, and pretend you’ve just read one.  There ya’ go.

Ages 3, 2, and 1….and each one growing like crazy.  



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One thought on “..and then there were 3.

  1. It is a pleasure to have been a friend to your wife (and you) all these years for many reasons…but to witness your darling girls grow is one of them. They are precious, heart melting and I adore them.
    It is amazing how quickly they are growing!

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