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yo’ homie.

You may have already heard, but we have decided to move toward Home Schooling our daughters. I know there are camps on both sides, and extremist camps representing both sides of the issue also. This is not a post meant to convince anyone one direction or another, and not a place for debate. Just me thinking out loud.

Last night, we attended an open house for a group of local homeschooler’s. They offer resources, materials, support, and social gatherings, etc. It was filled with people from all ends of the homeschooling spectrum, and there were some good things being offered. One question we received, as we moved from booth to booth and they learned we were just beginning our journey into the world of schooling at home, was “What made you decide homeschooling was something you wanted to do?”

Tough question to answer while standing there in a few seconds. It’s not the sort of thing we decided instantly, so how would I go about answering such a question politely enough to leave time for others to encounter this booth?

But the answer came quicker/easier than I would have expected.

“We became parents.”

Granted, not everyone who is a parent makes this decision, so it’s hardly a complete response. But for me, it carried a lot in the walls of it’s vocabulary.

We. My wife and I together, our family. Sure, she has a degree in education, and knows a ridiculous amount of things when it comes to teaching. To the point where I’ll probably have to remind myself that this involves me also. Not only “can involve me”…but must. One of the main reasons we are homeschooling…guaranteed parental involvement on a deep level…by both parents. With our completely different personalities and strengths, Sarah and I will definitely have a variety of learning experiences with our children.

Became. It’s not just a title given to someone who has a child. Becoming a parent transforms you in ways that are hard to explain. It involves effort, purpose, and you are never the same. There are things I understand now, that I could only imagine before…that are both incredibly hope-filling and excruciatingly heart-wrenching at the same time. I believe that we are still becoming in many ways, as our daughters grow and age one day at a time.

Parents. Not just “people who have children in their house and keep them alive.” God has given us some pretty hefty instruction all throughout scripture (Deut. 6, etc.) on what it means to raise a family. The amazing gift we’ve been given to join God in bringing about His Kingdom even within the Anderson family home…is more than a bit humbling. Since becoming parents ourselves, we’ve been surrounded with others who are further along in the parenting journey. We’ve seen it done well, both in regard to public schooling and home schooling. We feel that who we are, and are becoming, fit very well with the freedoms, challenges, and beauty that come from home-schooling.

Like I said earlier, we are “heading this direction”. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to 2nd grade and think “whoa. what are we doing?” But we like what we see each step in this direction, and are praying for God’s guidance and Spirit as we move forward as a family…



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