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a good catch.

“So why do people go there?” My wife asked me, a long time ago…and again as we drove up to Northern Michigan.  We were on our way to visit Mackinac Island (Used to be “Mackinaw” Island, until the French decided it was spelled wrong.).  So what did I respond?

“Um…there’s good fudge?”

It’s hard to explain.  Sure, there are quaint things about the place.  No cars allowed.  Horses and bike and yachts everywhere.  Fudge and others small shops.  Fresh whitefish everywhere.  History surrounds you.  The Grand Hotel, the setting of a movie people watch in order to make their island visit more meaningful, but probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  Thinking about it all as we enjoyed a “date night” on the island made me realize:

It’s kinda like catching a cold. 🙂  A good one, of course.

It starts with someone who’s been there.  Who has “caught” the bug.  They take their kids.  Their kids go with friends.  And one day, kids grow up and have kids, and a husband turns to his wife and says, “Let’s go to the island.”  She smiles.  She loves him.  So she goes. 🙂  And guess what?  She enjoys it too.  We’ll have to bring our kids again when they’re a bit older to make sure the bug sticks with them. 

And yes…we enjoyed other Northern Michigan traditions such as Petoskey Stone huntin’, crossing the Mackinaw Bridge into the Upper Peninsula, and spent a couple nights in Traverse City.  We toured several bays, and had our fill of quaint little shops, fresh fish smells, and homes/boats that cost WAY too much money.  But altogether the same…a “bug” that’s passed around.  No Disney.  No giant national monuments.  Although Moomers was voted # 1 by Good Morning America. 🙂

Which brings up the question: What “bugs” have you caught? What experience or special spot to visit have you been to…that when someone asks you “Why do you love going there?”, you have a hard time nailing down “the reason”?



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