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Session 5 – Beyond Take Home Papers

This session had a lot of factual information you can find by checking out the Full Executive Summary of the Innovation Alliance.  It was a conversation between many churches over the course of 2 years, seeking something new in partnering with what God desired in the homes of His people.  Really some good stuff…you should check it out for yourself.

Then they talked quite a bit about the resources they use at their church here in Texas, and the benefits of how their stuff is set up, etc.

By this point, we’ve heard the staggering statistic that the Alliance discovered in their research several times.  That less than 10% of Church-going Families experience ANY sort of Spiritual Conversation or activity during their week.  That’s a statistic that definitely compell something to be changed about the way we’re encouraging faith to be developed in the homes/apartments of our local church body.

It also compels us to be honest about how often we find ourselves part of that 10%, and challenges us to break from that pattern.  To hold each other accountable, not just as pastors, but as friends, parents, children, siblings, etc.  God tells us in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 that we parents are the PRIMARY source of discipleship, and growing our children toward the body of Christ, and Kingdom-living transformed by His Spirit.

May we live that out, and as those in ministry may we be inviting/encouraging/keeping our adults accountable for it!!! 🙂



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