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Main Session – John Cannon & Ryan Rush

Cannon and Rush came out to do a tandem interview on the topic of “Yeah, but…”, offering practical ways the “D6” concept was happening in actual churches.  Because of the back and forth, and the difference between their churches and ours….I didn’t take a ton of notes.

They reminded us to be intentional about involving children in God’s worship, Word, and work each week.  I can more than get down with that.  Something about children being visible during worship motivates coming before God with more humility/childlike-ness.  At one of the worship services, a motion song was done, that I honestly had very little motivation to wave my arms around during.  However, the same song was done at another time with a small group of children on stage, and I jumped right in.  Not because one service was more “genuine” or whatever than the other….but simply seeing children enjoying the physical expressions of the song…led to a more natural involvement in those expressions myself.  And that’s not even scratching the surface on what it offers both the Christ-community and those children involved. 🙂

They gave the acronym “HOME” as we ask ourselves how we can realistically start to see changes/movements in our approach to ministry.  To begin and desire “Healthy Homes”.  To pursue and instruct “Ongoing Obedience”.  To provide and resource for “Meaningful Milestones” in the lives of those moving from child to adulthood.  Finally, to be “Engaging Everyone”, connecting our ministries and efforts to and between every generation/background present.

Much of this goes against popular thoughts (at least thoughts that I’ve heard) that are content to label as “healthy” churches that are growing in number….when all the growth is happening with young adults, making friends with more young adults, who are inviting their young adult friends. (seriously, young adults, did you know you were a hot commodity among churches?  I say demand a gift card and free babysitting, at least. 😉  )  On the flip side, I’ve also heard some speak of churches filled to the brim with only elderly, content to let those churches fade quietly into the sunset.  I think both sides of this coin are unhealthy, and at worst damaging to a community seeking all that God has for us.

At this point in the conference, I was getting just a little weary of all the bragging about how “God is at work through a movement called D6”, and wanted to say that D6 was just our latest (pretty good) attempt to join God in what He is already moving toward and desiring to accomplish.  I think it had something to do with the sales pitches for all things D6, and the relentless advertising by this publication or that must-have ministry tool.

Nevertheless….good things. 🙂



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