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A Walk in My Shoes

If you’re like me, the “cable you shouldn’t have been getting anyway because you’re not paying for it” is slowly becoming fewer and fewer channels.  Stupid digital transition.  Thankfully, the basics are still around.  But Friday nights on major networks are not known for having great television…especially if you grew up on TGIF (remember the good ole’ days?)

Never fear…this Friday, it appears a decent movie will be on NBC, “A Walk in My Shoes“.   Yes, if you click on that link, it will take you to the site where you can watch a quick preview.  Yes, if I get the most people to click on it, I could win my wife a pair of TOMS Shoes.  But I’d actually recommend this, even if you simply went to the site via Google on your own. 

It’s being advertised as “Family Movie Night”.  I doubt Wal-Mart or Proctor & Gamble as companies care much of anything beyond making money off advertising and sales.  But I’m in support of a family deciding a watch a movie together that lends itself to some good discussion/prayer time. 

In the movie, a teacher who judges a mother for not being able to get her teen to perform well academically a bit harshly.  Through a dramatic circumstance, it seems an angel has been sent to “teach a lesson” or “reveal a truth”, by allowing that teacher to “walk in the shoes” of that mother.  I think it’d be a lot more interesting to have her walk in the shoes of that teenage boy…but that’d be an entirely different movie.

In any case, I figured I would throw out a few family discussion questions, in case any of my parents with teenagers decide to make a family night out of it:

1. If this type of thing could happen in your life, who do you think God would want you to “walk in the shoes of” in order to see life from their point of view?

2. How might that change how you relate to them right now?

3. How can this relate to the Christmas Story?

4. What prayers might we offer up as a family, with all we’ve talked about tonight?



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