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political aspirations

The Book of Revelation.  The words of God and His desire to make all things new, a marriage of Heaven and Earth that we will enjoy forever.  This will do more than simply “obliterate” the need for government and leadership.  Jesus will be recognized as Lord by all and in all.  God will continue to call on His people to be those who will live and make decisions based on Kingdom living.

John chapter 18.  The words of Jesus before Pilate, standing as King of a Kingdom of Truth, not based in this world.  Standing as one who has been brought before the Roman government for the proclaimed reason that Jews cannot execute anyone, yet not begging for his life or retreating from the foundational Truth He lives to proclaim.  The “powers” of this world have no power in the Kingdom, except where they can join in what He is already accomplishing.

Isaiah chapter 11.  The words of prophecy about Jesus as a man whom the Spirit of God rests on.  This Spirit that brings wisdom and understanding, counsel and “gravity”, knowledge and fear (reverence) of the Lord.  If ever there was a passage for a politician to be in prayer over, here is one.  The Spirit brings the ability to make judgments that are right.  Leads to decisions that bring justice for the poor.  Shuts down the wicked.

I’ve talked about wanting to become Mayor.  Our city has a “weak mayoral system”, and it’s not unrealistic to think a youth pastor who loves his community could serve in that capacity.  It’s kinda like saying “I’d like to serve on the city council.”  I’ll admit, when I first began talking about it, it was very similar to a Junior in high school who says “When I’m a senior, I’m totally gonna run for student council.”  More about being able to do it, say I’ve done it, etc.

But there is something else within me.  Something that says perhaps there’s more to it than that.  Something that desires to be a living testimony to the passages mentioned above.  

It’s still not something I want to pursue in the next few years, beyond learning and praying.  I’m already strapped for time between ministry and raising our young girls.  I will settle for serving on the Traffic and Parking Commission for now.

But I don’t have to wait until I run for some sort of local office, or need to ever run, to begin striving for these things.  We each exist as a miniature “Kingdom” within the Kingdom of God.  Who do we proclaim is Lord in our life?  Do our decisions proclaim his ultimate reign and rule in our home?  Do we have a wisdom and understanding, counsel and “gravity”, knowledge and “fear” of the Lord that enables us to live and make choices according to Kingdom standards and principles?  Not only that, but do we actively “kill” and shut down the wicked?

We are men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.  We have homes and families that we are involved in leading forward.  If we value things of this world, and wrap ourselves around them…our homes will be as limited and broken as the world they are based in.  But if we will decide to proclaim Jesus as Lord, and His Kingdom as our residency, then we are moving as a family toward something eternal.  Not simply “living forever”, but something full, whole, true, and already begun. 

Not simply “eyes on the skies” living…or figuring everything can be fixed by bowing our heads and closing our eyes.  The Spirit of God, alive and moving.  Making decisions that bring Justice.  Communicating Love and offering healing.  Proclaiming freedom & releasing those who are bound.  Bringing redemption to places that are broken.  Giving voice and ear to those who have none.  Not separated from this world, but rather living more genuinely connected to this cosmos and where it is moving.  Lord….may my family move this way together…



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