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Mi Taqueria

          If you live in or near Decatur, IL – you NEED to try this place.  Her dad used to cook at/own the Korn Krib, and she’s passionate about good food.  Her portions are huge, the food is always cooked AFTER you order it, and she uses ingredients that even the local “Mexican Restaurants” don’t worry about providing.  It’s located near the corner of Woodford and Mound road, in the shopping plaza, where the “White Hen” convenience store used to be.  In fact, it still looks like the old store, except for a few picnic tables in the middle and a couple large TV’s.  They may worry about ambiance eventually – but for now the focus is on providing great authentic fresh Mexican food at a very nice price.

Open Mon-Sat, 11am-8pm  – 3715 N Woodford Street
So here you go – support your local business!!!

They offer 3 different kinds of in-house made salsa’s, fresh cilantro, and incredible Mexican cheese, as well as high-quality fresh corn and flour tortillas.

(Meats: Beef Tongue, Steak, Ground beef, Chicken, Marinated Pork, Chorizo)
Tacos – 1.95
Mexican Torta – 4.95
Kay’s Torta – 4.95
Burrito (HUGE) – 5.95
Taco Salad – 5.95
Quesadilla (HUGE) – 5.95
Nachos – 5.95

Mini-Nachos – 1.75
Mini burrito – .99
Mini quesadilla – 2.95
Mini Taco Salad – 2.95
Cheese Quesadilla – 2.25
Beans – 1.75

Chicken Gizzards – 4.95
Chicken Livers – 4.95
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich – 4.95
Wings (8) – 5.95
Homemade Chips or Onion Rings added – 1.75

KIDS: (served w/beans or homemade chips) Taco – 2.95, Cheese Quesadilla – 2.95, Hot Dog – 3.25, Chicken Nuggets – 3.95

Drinks: Bottled Water – 1.00, Juices – 1.50, Bottled Soda – 1.75, Gatorade – 2.25

Daily Specials: Monday – Burrito’s 4.50, Tuesday – .99 Ground beef tacos, Wednesday – Wings just .50 each, Thursday – Buy 2 tacos, get 1 free, Friday – Nachos 4.25, Saturday – Gizzards/Livers 3.50



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