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Celebrate Good Times…(video)

We did it. Thanks in large part to all of the family and friends who helped out throughout the past 16 days – we survived. Things have not been the same, for sure, and we can’t wait for mommy to come home! But there’s definitely a sense of accomplishment at being able to say to your wife “Sure hun, go ahead on that 16 day mission trip on the other side of the world…we got this.”

We knew it was important. Not simply for Sarah’s sake, but for that of our family. This experience is only the beginning of wrapping our family around a larger purpose, a larger story. God will continue to use this.

One of the things Sarah did, the creative mom that she is, to help our girls with the time she’s away; involved a paper ring chain. Each link had something written on it, communicating love to her family, and suggesting some fun endeavor for that day. They loved each one, and got excited as the chain got smaller and smaller, knowing mommy was coming home on the last one!!

One of the links said “Make a dance video”. Now, we dance around the house on a regular basis. These girls love to dress up, start the music, and spin around. So here’s what we captured…(spliced in some footage of Sophie’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese also, where her response to the big mouse is PRICELESS!)



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One thought on “Celebrate Good Times…(video)

  1. YES, you did survive. And I am sure all of you have changed in this short time.

    I also know you will be glad to have Sarah home again by your side and the girls will love having their mommy home again.

    I am not sure that I could have done what you guys did, but admire Sarah for going.

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