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Waiting for Easter…

Moving toward Christmas, we have the season of Advent. Weeks marked by various themes and scripture, we share conversations with our family as we light the candles. We hope toward the birth of the Savior. We wait to celebrate. We anticipate all that God is and will do.

Moving toward Easter, we have the season of Lent. We don’t get a wreath with candles. Sure, we have the lectionary, but it hardly gives themes unified around preparing for a celebration of Easter. There are many different resources out there, for ways to use Easter with your family. Learning the virtues, the fruits of the Spirit, activities to do with your children.

One of the main things we’ve been doing with our kids, is to ask the question: Why do we need Easter? Asking my daughters to name things that are wrong/broken/unjust/etc. in the world, and looking forward to God actively “making all things new”, which begins in large way at the resurrection of Jesus.

Last night, my wife and I finally sat down to watch “Waiting for Superman“. Wow. Seriously. There aren’t many things that move me to tears, admittedly, which probably isn’t a very healthy thing. I realize the movie doesn’t depict ALL education systems, and has a few flaws here and there.

But seen as a testimony to the brokenness, and unjust-ness of many places we live in…and recognizing that even the most broken areas of the American education system are vastly beyond what many places in the world have for their children.

We parents want so much for our children. One part of this is education. But that is only one pixel of the big picture. It will not happen by waiting for the “Superman”, or anything that promises to be what we need. It will not happen by humanity “getting it right” on their own.

But in the celebration of Easter, we get a glimpse of what “it happening” will be like…



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