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Words and Ashes: Prologue

So I have this fiction book I was writing.  Then I stopped, partially due to writers’ block, and partially so I could work on a “Parenting” book.  Well, now I’ve finished the book on parenting (not a “how to”…SOOO not qualified there.  It’s more of a “God wants to use parenting to transform you” type book).  Now, I wanted accountability to finish this story that has already begun.  It also fills the need of “I’m wanting to write, but can’t think of anything incredibly profound or worth saying at the moment.” When I have those moments, I will try to move forward with the book.

In any case, the end result is this.  An entire fictional story, dished out one blog post at a time.  I make no claims to schedule, but if you follow this blog, eventually you’ll find the rest of the story.  Much of it is already written.  Kind of…


December 3rd,

Life was everything he could have ever asked for. Adam was at the top of his game at work. He had a great house, beautiful wife, and a son who would probably play professional hockey someday. The drive home from work that day was perfectly normal. That is, it was perfectly normal except for one small issue. He died.
He didn’t choose to die, the way one would choose to eat a cracker. It was more like the way someone chooses to fall when they trip going down the stairs. He realized he was a goner way before it even happened. He saw the guy coming before their vehicles even made contact. He thought to himself, “Anyone who drives a sporty yellow car in the middle of winter probably doesn’t know much about driving in snow.”

He was right.

A loud crash, a flash of pain everywhere in his body, and then, nothing. Not nothing like when you open a closet door you thought your friend was hiding behind only to reveal he’s not in there. But nothing like opening a door and finding the end of the galaxy. All was quiet and still. So what happens now? He felt fine. Well, fine other than the fact that he felt nothing. This was kind of weird.
All of a sudden, something came from the nothing. It was the world he had just left, going on without him. But not without him as if there had never been a him. More like, without him…having just lost him. And for some cosmic reason, he was being allowed to watch it…



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