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Something Different

I was told recently that if I wanted to publish a book, it may be helpful to have a blog where my focus is consistently flowing in the same stream as the topic of my book.  That makes sense.  So here we go: “DifferentParent.Com”

A quick introduction to me: I love Jesus.  I’m a husband, father of three girls (currently aged 2, 3, and 4), son, brother, friend, avid NHL fan, nerd, coffee connoisseur, once-a-year-kayaker (be impressed), reader, Wheel of Fortune Champion, writer, etc.  I grew up in a family that longed for God to do something new, and surrounded by people who declared God WAS offering to do something new in my life.

I believe God desires to use every aspect of life in His process of making us New Creations.  Sometimes that can be instantaneous, like the explosive charges placed on a giant cartoon mountain, that explode to reveal some awesome new image in the rock.  Parenting can definitely contain those moments!  I remember the first time we had to take one of our girls to the Emergency Room.  It was as if tiny sticks of dynamite had been placed all over my heart and mind, and they were exploding left and right, revealing the image of a loving father God was writing on my life.

(our oldest, Addie, years ago @ her first Easter)

As incredible as these moments can be, I also believe God wants to use the simple (or not-so-simple) act of parenting to transform who we are wholly.  That parenting can be every bit as important to our spiritual formation as the traditional disciplines of prayer, scripture reading, fasting, and serving others.  Which may be simply because in order to parent, we find ourselves running to these things on a regular basis!

The truth is, anyone who becomes a parent hears the words “Treasure those moments, because they go so fast.”  I don’t want to find myself in 20 years, looking back on my years as a parent of young children thinking “Man, those years flew by.”  I’d much rather look back and have one of my first thoughts be, “Wow, God really used those years to mess up my life in some great ways!”.  I believe He has, He is, and He desires to continue that work in my life.

By inviting/pursuing God in the constant act of parenting my children, I am becoming DIFFERENT.  That can hurt.  That can tickle.  That can be an amazingly new experience.  That can be macaroni and cheese getting crusty on the carpet.  I invite you to join us on our journey, and pray/believe that God can do something “New” in and through your family as well…



Husband, Father, Pastor, Missionary, Writer, Poet, Friend, reader, coffee enthusiast, hockey Wing-Nut, musical participator, etc...

any thoughts?

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