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a nu thang.

You may have heard by now, I’ve written a manuscript that I hope becomes a book.  I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with editors for Beacon Hill Publishing since October 2010.  Honestly, it takes quite a bit longer to hear from them than I’d anticipated.  At one point, they responded favorably, even asking if I’d change a few things in the first few chapters.  They liked what I’d written, and told me I would hear back from them.

So here we are, several months from that point, and I’ve yet to hear what they’re planning/not planning.  Maybe they’re working hard to figure out how to best market/push the book, and what sorts of speaking engagements I might be good for.  Maybe they’re figuring out how to let me down easily, not wanting to bruise my tender ego.  Maybe the manuscript got shoved down in someone’s bookbag, and they’ve received 30 other books since then.  It’s got some coffee on it, and it may have been thrown out with the soggy napkins weeks ago.

In any case, I feel strongly enough that the words I’ve written have helped me as a parent, and I want to share them with other young parents, and those who will soon have children.  I’m currently going back through what I’ve written, doing some cleaning up and editing.  My plan is to finish editing, create an attractive book cover, and upload my manuscript as an “Amazon Kindle” book for now.  I realize that may aim for a smaller market, but the good news is, you can use Kindle’s software on your computer, laptop, iPod touch, or iPad to read books as well.  Hopefully I can get the word out once it’s released.  If you would invite me to post something on your blog at that point – I would LOVE to be a guest of yours.

I’ve also created a new webpage/blog, “” (The working title of the book is: “Different: How God Uses Parenting to Transform Us Wholly”).  I intend to use that website to focus on God using parenting, and other parenting type posts/etc.  I realize my personal blog here has too many other topics/ramblings to attract the attention of my books’ primary audience.

All that to say, watch for updates!  If you can help me get the word out about my blog in any way for now, I’d love the help!  I will let you know if I hear from Beacon Hill, or if I’m going through Amazon as soon as I know anything!  Thanks for reading!!!



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