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Making an offer…

“For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.  For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life?  Or what will they give in return for their life?” (Matthew 16:25-26 NRSV)

The truth of this passage can be easily missed.  “Of course nothing is worth trading my life (other translations: soul) for.”  We dismiss the statement as silly or extreme, nod that Jesus has a good point here, and read on.  But there’s something larger being said, that connects with us, especially as parents, in a very real way.

Jesus had just finished blessing Peter for proclaiming Christ as Messiah (v. 16-17), and now we see him saying to Peter “Get behind me, Satan!” (v.23).  It’s true, Peter claimed Jesus as Messiah, but apparently this meant something different to him than to God.  Peter and many of the other followers saw Jesus as their ticket out from under Roman oppression.  A political hope that they could attach themselves to, and be elevated to power alongside their new Messiah.  So when Jesus starts talking about suffering and being killed, Peter rebukes him.  Of course that would never happen, because that’s not the way I want it.

And that, we may accidentally try to value as much as our soul.  Our way.

The issue comes up in a different way as a parent.  Who do we want Jesus to be for our children?  We want Him to take them to heaven someday, to Love them, to protect them, to bless them, and for our children to know about God and be involved in what He’s doing to make all things new.  But are we willing to let go of our children?  Not literally drop them on the side of the street, allowing God to do what he wants…

But in prayer, to offer God our desires and hopes for our children, submitting one of the things we value most in our lives – to His will?  Perhaps it’s not so much that God needs us to do this to use our children for the Kingdom…just like Peter could not have stopped Jesus. But it could be that just as Peter needed to have his view of “Messiah” transformed to help Christ build the Church, we need to have our view of “Parent” and “Jesus loves my children” transformed to partner in what God wants to do within our homes…

It seems that doing so, may lead to finding life as a family…



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One thought on “Making an offer…

  1. I have had to surrender my children over to the Lord several times. I have done so, believing to actually be one of the very best most precious gifts I could ever give them~ deliverance into the hands of their Creator. Then, other times, fear creeps up with me and I feel myself desire to snatch them back! Oh, how silly of me! Seriously silly! Because the life they will have holding hands with God Most High will be more than I could ever dream of offering. I pray now, help me love them so much Lord that I permit them to have adventure, that I encourage them to wildly follow you, that I trust you with them and let them go…..
    Great post.
    Great book!

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