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Settin’ the table…

I realize that beyond a very wordy “intro”, I’ve not put much about my book out there.  That a parent might vaguely “grow” from reading it, is only a small version of the hope I have.  I wrote the book because I wanted to read a book like it.  Since then, God continues to challenge me as I re-read portions of it myself.  For a more specific picture of the topics/areas the book talks about, here’s the table of contents:


Chapter One: The Obvious Changes
Time Changes
Resource Changes
Routine Changes

Chapter Two:What is Love?
– Understanding of Love – major changes
Experiencing pure/genuine love
When action becomes word…:)

Chapter Three: Hello, I’m __________.
– Major changes impact every relationship
– For Their Sake – the importance of relational maintenance
– Saying “no” in order to say “yes”

Chapter Four: But what will ____ think?
– Freedom from others’ expectations
– Freedom from self-pressure

Chapter Five: Gasp.
– The amazing forgiving ability of infants/toddlers
– Forgiving each other as well
– When there’s nothing to forgive

Chapter Six: Ahh, Naptime
– Naptime struggles
– Recapturing the gift of sabbath
– Sleep – the beginning of the day.

Chapter Seven: Get Out of Bed!
– Motivation to seize the day
– Motivation to dance aimlessly 🙂

Chapter Eight: Beautiful Mystery

Chapter Nine: The Power of Words
– Speaking prophetically into your child’s life
– Speaking prophetically into your world
– Learning a new language

Chapter Ten: Unlimited Potential
– How you can live vicariously through your children 🙂
– Active waiting.
– A fresh pack of playdough

Chapter Eleven: Humility
– You’ve never done this before.
– You’re probably not doing something right.
– Releasing the Rope

Chapter Twelve: Faith
– A Prophetic, Priestly, Position of Authority
– Working out, Spiritually
– Pray Continually

Chapter Thirteen: Pro-Creation
– Ratatouille was right
– More than “makin’ babies”
– On making all things new



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