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About a year ago, after hearing us talk about wanting to camp with our daughters in the future, some friends gave us a lil’ donation toward getting a tent.  We were stoked, and went right out to buy the best tent our two monies combined could offer.  It was the Coleman “Insta-tent”.  Seriously, check that video out.  It was ridiculous and awesome all at once.  Only one problem, the one we got had a broken door zipper.  So after camping for a few days (during the hottest part of summer..seriously, we couldn’t do s’mores because the marshmallows had already melted), we returned it.  We told ourselves we’d buy another tent next summer.

So here we are in “next summer”, and it has flown by full of trips and events, until it’s almost over.  We had also spent a bit of the money from that incredible tent.  But we were determined.  Last week we ordered the Coleman “Red Canyon” tent for only $99 (free shipping) from Amazon.  One of the benefits of 1. being a youth pastor, and 2. homeschooling, is I could tell my kids, “Whenever the tent gets here, we’ll go camping in the back yard!”  So when it arrived late Wednesday afternoon while it was pouring down rain and we were about to leave for youth group – I told them we’d camp Thursday afternoon/evening.

It worked out great!  Mommy and Ruby joined us for story-time (Currently reading “Stuart Little”), and “best/worst part of the day” time.  The forecast called for weather in the mid-40’s, but nice and dry.  The rainfly would have kept in the heat some, but of course the girls wanted to see the sky/tree, so we got rid of it.  I told them the deeper they were inside their sleeping bags, the warmer they would be.  Of course, they took me seriously. 🙂

Altogether, a great time.  Looking forward to doing some more camping.  Many times our girls said to me, “Daddy, maybe next time with can go camping with (insert friend/relative name here) in the forest!!”




Yes girls, daddy is planning on it.  After all, with morning faces like this, who could say no???



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