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for me too?

I remember taking “Speech” back in college.  All students were required to participate in an all-day speech tournament, and there were rules/guidelines we each had to follow.  I decided I would do a speech that helped me with a paper I was writing for “Bible”, and so mine was on the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  What I hadn’t thought about was how boring of a topic that would be for a speech competition.  I tried hard to make it entertaining, even making a visual set of “caves” from which I removed each note-card for my speech.  But in the end, I only lasted one round.

But in the process of teaching others about the Dead Sea Scrolls, I became more knowledgeable on the topic myself.  I could answer any question, and would even find ways to tell others about them – because my brain was wrapped around this topic.  I’ll tell you, I was a real hit at parties around this time. (sarcasm)

It’s a natural temptation, sometimes, to think about our role as Spiritual Guides and Bible teachers to our children as completely “for the kids”.  But to do this is to miss out on a huge aspect of God’s desire for our parenting journey…

(to read the rest of this post, check out my guest post at “To Show Them Jesus“)



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