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that’s okay, daddy..

We’ve heard that phrase from our 2 year old, probably about 20 times a day. Whenever something goes wrong, or someone gets hurt, or she falls down – we hear “that’s okay!”  (for incredibly cute video evidence, click here)  So I should have known this morning, when my plans for them fell apart, she’d be the first to reassure me.

I had today off, so we decided last minute, as we danced to Christmas music in the living room in our PJ’s – today would be a great day to visit our local Children’s Museum! It didn’t take long for all 3 girls to be ready, even with socks and shoes on (a big deal in our barefoot-lovin’ house). We head out the door, and drove across town, talking about our favorite parts of the museum.

We got all 3 girls out of the minivan, across the bare parking lot, and to the front door before daddy read the sign – “Monday – Closed”. Cue the depressed music. But I wasn’t giving up without a fight. There was a donut shop on that side of town that I’d never been to, and figured the girls would love checking out with me. So off we went, with promises of fresh baked donut-goodness in our minds. We found a parking spot very close in the tiny strip-mall, and were crushed a second time when we saw all the lights off, and the “OPEN” sign as dark as a cloudy winters eve.

“I’m sorry girls, it just doesn’t seem like things are working out for us today.” I said, as we loaded back into the minivan. The older two had just climbed in, and I was lifting our 2-year old into her seat, when she smiled at me. She must have sensed my disappointment, and immediately said “It’s okay daddy!”. Her sisters chimed in with the same, and our 5 year old said “Daddy, how about you surprise us with something new. And DON’T tell us until we are there, okay?”

The morning was redeemed with some great family time, stopping by the new thrift store and “shopping” (spending a whole $6, and getting shirts, dancing outfits, moving/talking ponies and more!), off to the bakery for a 75 cent cookie, and to Kroger together for some lunchmeat to take home! What a great trip together!

Sometimes God reassures us in unexpected ways. Sometimes it’s a giant, trumpet-blasting event, like the coming Christ-child. But other times, it’s the whisper and smile of a 2 year old in her puffy winter coat saying “it’s okay, daddy”…



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