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sore loser.

Mr. Ramsey – are you listening?

Dave Ramsey gave away $10,000 today. It was incredible.

The winner said he entered 600 times. Dave laughed. Gave him an audible “high five”. Congratulated him. Encouraged others that we too could be winners like this guy.

It seems Dave Ramsey would advocate better use of time than that. Gambling is addictive.

He said about a million people entered his contest?
Let’s figure each entry took a minute to complete.
That’s over 16,600 HOURS of time donated to entering this contest.

Is taking away 16,600 hours of time people could be spending with family, friends, work, etc…..worth the 10,000 bucks?

Probably not.

Let’s say the winner was fast, and was able to do 3 entries per minute…he still spent over 3 hours sitting at his computer doing nothing but clicking your website. Are you advocating millions of people should waste away their holiday moments like this?

I could just be a sore loser too. 🙂

Rant over.

(full discloser: My wife and I took FPU, and benefited from it.  I’m currently finishing up teaching “Generation Change” to our church’s youth group.  It’s not perfect – but tweaked a bit to touch all the resources we can honor God with – it’s a great conversation/small group starter.)



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