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a minute of thanks.

(wrote this to read to my church after pastor appreciation month, was supposed to stay 60 seconds or less)

60 seconds to drop a few words on the spot
about the love I got for my Moundford Fam
For the care they’ve shown as my children have grown
And they’ve known more about who I am.

For the cards, and the cookies, the smiles and the calls
But most of all for the love overflowing
For the fact that God’s only still beginning to sprout
The fruit from the seeds that we’re sewing.

A Michigander I am, and I’ll always be,
But Decatur I surely call home.
You’ve seen me be goofy, make you proud on TV,
And love my family like one of your own.

I’ve seen you give of your time and your money,
‘Til backs ache and sweat pours off your brows.
I’ve seen a city transformed by your love,
Without anyone taking credit with bows.

And so after a month of receiving your thanks,
Your cards and appreciation.
It seems a short poem is like using a squirt gun
To fill a Semi at a gas station.

So I hope you will know throughout the whole year
Just how much my family you are.
And together with Christ as our center and source,
I look forward to Him taking us far.  (-ther)




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