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Life is fragile.  We were given a reminder this past Monday, on our way to Chicago to celebrate our 9 year anniversary.

We were about 2.5 hours into our 3 hours journey, and could see the Sears Tower calling to us from the skyline.  We were laughing, enjoying good conversation together.  I truly am blessed to have married an incredible friend.  The fact that 9 years in, we can still go through comfortable rhythms of silent moments, serious conversation, and story-telling-laughter for hours – I love this woman.

But in the midst of a story, my wife pointed ahead in the road, “Is that a tire?”  We had a split second to consider what was about to happen, as the wheel bounced across the road and smashed straight into the middle of our mini-van.

A few inches higher, and it would’ve come right through our windshield.  You may have never heard the story.

A few inches lower, and it would’ve smashed our bumper, smacking us with airbags that could’ve caused injury.

With the lunch hour traffic, and cars whizzing by on our right and left, it could have created a mass accident, and you may have heard of it in passing on the news.

But as it happened, it smashed in, destroying our engine, etc.  The brakes did their job, and an opening in traffic came just as I needed to get over before the van died completely.  The shop says over $7,000 of damage…so we’ll see what his insurance says.

The man at fault was very apologetic, and helped us get our van towed to a dealership where he worked out us getting a “loaner” car until things are figured out.  We believe God has been with us through it all, and are incredibly thankful to be alive/un-injured.  We were still able to go celebrate our anniversary (though with shaky legs!) in Chicago, and when we got home Tuesday night, we held and cuddled our girls in new ways.

It comes as a reminder of how precious life is.  How valuable each moment we have together should be.  How little and insignificant the things are that cause us to lose sight of all this.  Have you held your child today?  Have you held the ones you love in a way that says, “I’m blessed to have this privilege once more.”?

What are you waiting for? 🙂



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