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happy New.

it continues to pour, yet we cannot hold more
and so we switch glasses quickly.

a late night countdown, and hope abounds
but sounds can be deceiving

underneath the thin veil of energy and smiles
there resides miles of suffering and need.
people who bleed.

people who have bled
for a long time already
and would be dead if they hadn’t convinced themselves
they had plenty.

a new year begun, and the songs that are sung
seem like something we’ve heard before
the hope of the world rests in simply changing a number
we begin to wonder
if there might be more.

What is new?

Beyond a new calendar and a midnight kiss
something we so often miss
glazed over in the morning after
realizing we want more than a new chapter

We want a new book.

And so we look back at how the world shook
When Christ entered the scene. We see what it means…New.
Less of me, more of you. And so, we drop the “year”
and simply say, “Happy New”. 🙂



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