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scone on?

Toward the end of my book, I talk about us being made in the image of a very creative God.  Along those lines, once in a while I’ll share something I’ve created recently.  Usually that will involve words.  On occasion, however, it will involve flour. 🙂

I stole the basic recipe for these “White Chocolate Raspberry Scones” from the “Joy of Baking – Chocolate Chip Scone” recipe.

Here’s what happened:

My girls were awake and energized, and we were low on milk.  I knew cereal would be a stretch, and our oldest has grown fond of “baking with mommy” recently, thanks to a baking set from Santa.  I also confess – I love scones.  What better way to eat cookies for breakfast, than to hide it under a different name? 🙂

So I googled for recipes.  So far, my scone’s had turned out a bit too fluffy/dry.  So I added the word “dense” to the search.  Bingo.  Chocolate chip scones.  I went to the cupboard to start getting ingredients out, and no chocolate chips.  Dang.  But I didn’t give up.  We had a bunch of white chocolate raspberry “hugs” my wife had gotten for cheap recently, and I had a ziplock baggy and a hammer.  The girls loved helping daddy unwrap and smash these into a half cup of scone recipe gold. 🙂

Unfortunately, we also didn’t have unsalted butter or buttermilk.  But I’ve paid attention to my wife here and there.  I simply didn’t add salt, and used salted butter.  I even made my own buttermilk with a cup of milk and a bit of white vinegar.  Boom.  We were ready.

Followed the recipe linked above, with the changes I’ve listed here, and didn’t add any dried cherries or cranberries.  To be fair, I did get dried cranberries out, but didn’t want to start a berry war within the scone flavors.  Also, scone recipes usually say to “fold in the butter”using a pastry blender of some sort.  Buncha baking snobs, if you ask me.  Just grab a potato masher, and go to town until it’s course crumbs.

Addie loved helping me “paint” each scone with milk and sprinkle sugar on it before putting it in the oven.  15 minutes later, and we were glad God was so creative. 🙂



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