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now what?

Anytime a book has promises of “Prosperity, True Love, Miracles, Peace, Ministry, Destiny, Family” along with the phrase “Activating His Ancient Secrets for Success”, you have to know it’s going to be incredibly entertaining.

This book was no exception.

Remember that show “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, where the puppets sat in front of the theater, discussing the finer points of amazing older pieces of cinema?  This is the literary equivalent of many of those fine film classics.

We will skip straight to chapter 3, entitled “Understanding Christian Biology”.  With a title like that, I was a little worried that he might actually talk about how we honor God with our physical bodies.  That he might discuss how we are literally beings who depend upon breathing, and the Spirit of God can literally be involved in becoming a source just like that even now.  Thankfully, he skipped all that theological mumbo-jumbo, and goes right for encouraging statements like:

“Modern science is now proving what God has always said: evil fear is the source of all death in our lives.” p. 46

Amazing.  So glad I’ve read this book, and now understand why people get sick and die is rooted simply in the fact that they are afraid of getting sick and dying.  How foolish of us not to see it before!!

Just in case anyone would not believe the amazing case built up in this chapter, he includes the references and full text of over 103 passages of scripture (in THIS 16-page chapter alone!!).  When you quote that many passages, there’s no denying your knowledge of scripture.

Unfortunately, because quoting 103 passages in one chapter takes up so much space, there is very little he’s able to say from his own wisdom.  That’s probably because he’s read his own chapter 10 entitled, “Understanding the Need for Persistence”.

The final hundred pages or so of the book are called “Affirmations”, which basically stands for “Magic phrases adapted from Bible verses that will make everything in your life better – which is what Jesus wants”.  Mann points out also on page 167…

“The Affirmations take two and a half to four hours to make, depending on how fast you speak and how much you meditate on them as you say them.  The more you can repeat them each day, the better.”

Perhaps as you spend 4 hours a day seeking God’s best prosperity for your life, you’ll be challenged to write a book where most of the content is proof-texting entire Bible passages, and charging people $20 per copy for it…

 (There may be a small amount of sarcasm in this post. I really love the Bible, and believe Jesus has an amazing amount of hope to offer us as New Creations.  I just don’t believe God has locked up ancient secrets and is snickering just beyond the door while most of us ring the bell…and authors like this try to pick the lock.)



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