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ash wednesday.

today we remember that we are imperfect.

that during the past year, we’ve fallen short.

that we are simply dust that has been breathed on by God.

that God desires to breathe on us again.

today marks the beginning of 40 days.

for 40 days the rains fell on Noah.

for 40 years, Israel wandered.

for 40 days, Jesus himself was prepared for ministry.

God is doing a new thing.

the Time has come, and the Kingdom is near

we turn away from ourselves

we turn toward God.

for Jesus, a new ministry.

for Israel, a new and promised land.

for Noah, a new covenant between God and all of creation.

for us and our families, a new creation.

May we begin anticipating God’s Easter movement anew…



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4 thoughts on “ash wednesday.

  1. Yeah, I remember my first time doing the math. Sundays are “days of rest”, or “miniature Easter’s”. I think that’s included in my next post. (I wrote a few posts ahead of time, knowing I was going to Vegas.)

    Sidenote: I’m going to experiment with a true “40-day” fast….but I don’t want to eat on Sundays, so I’m beginning it on Tuesday. I’ll post more about it soon. 🙂

    1. Wow, a 40 day fast! Crazy. Vegas is an interesting place to start a fast! 😉

      A youth pastor buddy of mine did it a couple years back where he would eat on Sundays – but said he thought it would have been easier to not have the once a week when you did eat – because it made it harder.

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