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lent – a family trip to Easter week

“I think I’ll give up…..applesauce!!” She said, as she looked down at her bowl full of uneaten applesauce.

It seemed like another case of me accidentally pretending my 5 year old has the capabilities to understand what teenagers from my youth group do.  It makes sense for me to think this, when you take into account the amazing ability of a teenager to act like a 5 year old. 🙂

Nevertheless, the conversation continued and a better understanding of this “Family Trip” to Easter was going to be like.  We were talking as a family about what sorts of things go on when we take a “family trip” anywhere.  Preparations are made.  Bags are packed.  Laundry is washed.  We bring things to occupy us along the way.  These are all things that we do in order to make arriving at our destination as enjoyable as possible.

I think our kids were able to make some of those connections as we talked about them.  But then they realized their applesauce needed cinnamon…etc.  Still, it was a fun talk to have.  I’m proud of our girls for selecting toys that are meaningful to them, to put up on a shelf until Easter.  Who knows, mommy and daddy may even get fresh batteries and new outfits for those toys – at add to our Easter celebrating. 🙂

This year I’ll be giving up drinking anything but water and black coffee (hey, sometimes I gotta stay awake!).  This should help my health out, as well as save some money making it easier to give.  I also hope to regularly use that pair of tennis shoes I purchased a while back, that still look amazingly crisp and white. 🙂

But why?  Why do we make changes, and do anything different during the 40 days leading up to Easter?  (sidenote: for anyone who counted, it’s not a “true” 40 days. Traditionally, as Sunday’s are miniature “celebrations of Easter”, these were not tallied in the count to 40)  The number 40 in scripture usually comes connected to a time of preparation, testing, or transition into something more that God has planned.

The Truth is that no matter where we stand during these 40 days, we all stand in need of God. We look forward to the Celebration of Easter together, all on the same ground, eager for Jesus Christ and the work accomplished / being accomplished in Him.

We are invited during this season to purposefully remember. To remember both as individuals and as a community. To recognize our place before God. To recognize our oneness with each other. To recognize a beautiful tension of finding ourselves as sinners transformed as saints. To give of ourselves in a way that leads to a life deepened in relation to God and others.

Looking forward to Easter week, and the promised land God has in store for us…




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