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Leaving Facebook…

This past week I taught a brief session on “Technology & Wisdom”. There was a LOT of great material, albeit poorly presented. (fellow youth pastors, if you’re interested I can e-mail it to you) But researching the use of technology continued to prick me in the interest of how my personal use could be changed to better honor God.

I’m a Type A personality. I like to be the center of attention, and have a major voice in conversations. Of course, I love a website dedicated to me, and allowing thousands of other people to “thumbs up” what I post. Each time I logged onto Facebook, I watched for the little red alerts at the top, feeding off their “high-five-like” affirmations. I liked thinking that anyone, at any moment in time, might think that I’m important enough to connect with via the interweb. Not much about facebook was helping me learn or grow in my desire to be humble…quite the opposite. The amount of time I’ve spent on this one website alone over the past several years is unhealthy.

The amount of personal validation and affirmation I’ve looked for it to provide, knowingly or subconsciously, is unhealthy. Time I should have given to family, work, marriage, actual friendships, or just breathing slowly in God’s presence…..was stolen (or given away) by my addiction to the site.

So why was this addiction allowed? Because it’s a great website. Seriously.

The ability to share pictures with family and friends who care, is great. The ability to quickly send and receive prayer requests on a large scale, and connect to photo/video updates on what God is doing in the lives of those we care for???? It’s incredible. The amazing support and love that has been given and received many times has been awesome.

And so…I’m only slightly leaving Facebook.

If we’re personal friends/family, please add my wife’s profile. She’s not an addict, and we’ll share the important things/communications of life still.

 If we’re connected through the church/ministry/Free Methodist activities, please add Moundford Youth’s Site. It will be updated with ministry statuses, messages, photos, videos, etc.

If you enjoyed me posting updates from my blog, and want to follow either my writing or our adoption journey, go to:, and enter your e-mail address on the right to receive updates!!

Do I think everyone should leave Facebook? Nope. But I’m gonna. Kinda. Thanks for understanding. My profile will be active for about a week to make sure people get the message. May God be with you, as each of us learns and grows in our ability to honor Him with every aspect of our lives…



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