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Adoption Update: rams and hope.

We’d set our first financial goal, and knew how we would get there.  We had some things of value we would sell, things that we actually had to “work towards” selling, because of what we thought they meant to us.  But over time and prayer, we realized the value of passing on the testimony of living without them to our daughters….was more valuable.  We prayed, thanking God for helping us realize we were strong enough to make this sacrifice.  It would all be worth it, because it would begin our journey toward receiving our child.  That was the plan, at least.

As it turns out, our “things” are not quite as valuable as we assumed.  Hardly worth letting go of, for the amount offered.  It was quite a blow, not so much because our possessions were devalued – but because in an instant we had to come to grips with our adoption not beginning yet.

In scripture, we hear the story of Abraham being called to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  The sacrifice we were making is no where near this extent, but in our prayers – we felt a connection.  We felt like God had stilled our hands raised high, knife-clutched.  Now, I reminded my wife, we simply need to look over into the bushes.  God will provide the sacrifice on our behalf.  (swallow the lump, try to believe what I just said)

As it turns out, he has.

It turned out, our first financial goal was a bit higher than it needed to be.  The first payment required was closer to $1,200 to begin the application, and schedule our home-study.  So, looking into the bushes, we moved toward our first official “fund-raiser” – a garage sale.  Three days to get rid of stuff, simplify our home, and raise a few bucks.

By the end of our garage sale, and after receiving donations of some incredible family members (one of whom also did a garage sale on our behalf – woot!), we’d raised the $1,200 exactly.  Having done garage sales before – I’ll tell you, God was with us on this one.  We’ve never had this much foot-traffic, especially on Saturday itself.

The bills aren’t all paid, and we still have quite a few large payments on the horizon….but we continue to pray, and be thankful as God provides the rams.  We mailed out our application just a couple days ago, and will begin with some “Adoption Training” next week.  Our home-study will begin soon, and we’re looking forward to what God may yet have in store for us….thank YOU for your prayers…



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3 thoughts on “Adoption Update: rams and hope.

  1. Awesome! He always provides. I watched a friend go through the same process. It takes time but He is faithful.
    My friend was crafty and sold ornaments she had made with the African continent painted on them. She also made t’shirts and canvas bags with the shape of Africa sewn on. She raised a decent amount of money that way.

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