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feedin’ goats.

A couple weeks ago I decided to give up my Facebook. (kinda)

Yes, if you look around you’ll find a youth ministry page I’ve set up, where I can post statuses, ministry updates, and stay connected with people I know through official ministry connections.  I may even end up in a picture from time to time.

But as for my personal page, it was time to let go.  I’m not saying it’s for everyone – but for me, it’s been a great move.

In Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus gives us a great story about what happens when He’s around.  Things are brought into the light, and seen for what they truly are.  In the case noted, people who claimed they live for Jesus are seen as a different group from those who actually live for Him.  Things that advertise their inherent “goodness” or separated from those things that are actually Good.

I think that many of us “feed the goats” in our lives on a regular basis, simply because they’re hungry little things, and often so darn cute/persistent.  You see, Facebook wasn’t evil.  It never showed up on my doorstep, secretly plotting to subvert the health of my life.  But as seen in the picture here, goats can often force the truly important things, such as my own children and family, to the background.

This happened in the form of always being “on”, even simply in the background of my mind.  I’m the kind of person who checks the mail on the way into the house, even if it’s been brought in already.  Having e-mail is hard enough.  I’d get a “fix” every time I had opportunity to click the little red notification of a new comment, like, or message.

I’m a relational “Type A” personality.  I love to be social, and usually that’s been tempered by the fact that I have “downtime” on a regular basis.  But thanks to the book of faces, I had access to connect with others at any time of day or night.  Time that, even though I don’t always claim it, I need once in while to myself to stay balanced.

Maybe the goats take different forms in your life.  My wife can wrangle Facebook down and hogtie it just fine.  What else might it be?  Perhaps it’s a hobby, a habit, or a routine part of your day.  Sometimes it’s outright unhealthy.  But other times, it’s just a hungry persistent “thing” that pops up on a regular basis, taking away something or claiming an undeserved spot among the things we value.

Whatever it may be, may God be with you as you choose purposefully to stop feeding the goats this week…and may you find yourself with a bit more to offer those things that have purpose in the Kingdom as a result…



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