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different children.

Today we experienced the beauty of each child’s individuality once more.  These are always fun moments.

You’ll notice in the picture, each girl is busy at the task of painting a ceramic item they’ve chosen out.  This picture was taken quite a ways into our time painting.

Ruby is hard at work painting however she sees fit.  She’s decided to make this an imaginative pink car, and wants to make sure every inch of this car is covered in it brightly.  She’ll go over the same spot several times, just watching the brush strokes, and enjoying the motions of getting more paint onto her brush….as well as rinsing it away in the water again.  Don’t forget to watch the water itself, as each brush dipped makes it a cloudy new color!

Sophie is also hard at work, painting as many objects as possible while creatively using as many colors as possible.  She loves to leave spots of white, because it’s “white paint” that has already been done for her!  She looks around the room to see if there are other options for colors she hasn’t been able to use yet, and her brush goes quickly from paint, to object, to water, and back to a new color of paint again.  Mommy, can I go get another object to paint??

Addie, of course, is still only a small ways into  her project.  She’s decided to paint a beautiful brown horse, just like she’s seen in photographs.  She’s taking short, carefully placed strokes filled with the perfect amount of paint, ensuring that the horse itself looks like it just jumped out of a picture.  She has already asked mom if she’ll help when she reaches the face, to make sure she adds a “white spot” just like some horses have.  She thinks about what this horse might enjoy doing, and breathes slowly to make sure it doesn’t jostle her brush too much.  This is artistic detail. 🙂

I love our daughters, and can’t wait to get to know the unique-ness of the one we haven’t met yet. 🙂



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