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Not waiting…

At this point, we’re still waiting to hear back from the state  about our home-study.  It was quite a process of interviews, examining every minute detail of our lives: past, present, and future plans.  We collected documents and legal forms from every area, and now it’s all in the hands of someone who decides whether or not we will be “permitted” to adopt.

It’s a good reminder that I’m not great at waiting.

The expected wait time is between 2 days, and a month-ish.  It’s been a couple weeks already, and we continue to ask God for patience.  But God reminded me yesterday that I was missing out on a blessing the midst of it all.  Just as the Church calendar includes seasons of “Advent” (waiting) as a way to draw near to God – so these days and times of waiting can be embraced in transformative and life-bringing ways.

One of the many reasons we’ve chosen to adopt is to orient the identity of our family around depending on God in new ways.  Sure, waiting is rough.  Fund-raising will be difficult.  Traveling will be prayer-inducing for sure.  But it’s not about us writing the story, taking pictures, so that someday we can point it all out to our daughter and say, “Look, this is what we did out of love for you.”  Communicating love to her, and be involved in bringing hope to a part of the world that needs it….are definitely involved.  But there’s more.  Someday I hope to thank my daughter.  Because in pursuing her; in exercising our faith to depend on God, wait on God, and orient the identity of our family around God and the work of His Kingdom – she has contributed to God transforming all of us along with her.

And so…as we wait and pray together this week…we are not waiting for God’s work to begin…we are caught up in the midst of it already.

Which also means – we need to be raising funds to bring her home!!!  We’re selling these incredible t-shirts for only $20 each!!  If you’d like to support our adoption financially, and look great doing it – just e-mail me by clicking this link, and tell me your size!  The great news is, we’re not even going to limit your contribution!  If you’d like to order 10 shirts at $20 each…you totally can!!  If you only want one shirt, but want to give as if you’re buying 10 shirts….you totally can!!  E-mail us today!! 🙂
(sorry, I realize I totally went from prayerful, thought-provoking words….to a sales-y fund-raiser.  I promise, once the funds are raised, I probably won’t do it again.)

UPDATE: This post was previously written….but yesterday afternoon we officially heard from the State – we’ve been approved!!  Fundraising, here we come!!!!!! 🙂



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