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Zebra Prayers

Now that you’ve all gotten some rest from my writing, I’m back. 🙂  It’s definitely been a busy week, too.  It’s hard in many ways, because so much has happened in these past couple weeks.  At the same time, not much at all has gone on that I can share.  It’s all a bit complicated, when you’re adopting from an unstable country (here’s the latest on the DRC‘s conflict with rebels in the East, and connection to other East African countries) and have been asked not to post our specific updates beyond the vaguely encouraging until the dust has settled.

What I can share, is that we’ve finally mailed in our “I600a” to the US Government.  Since being approved by the state, it’s the next stage of getting approved to adopt internationally.  Not sure how long it’ll take, weeks to months.  Included in that was a check for $890, that was largely raised by donations/t-shirt sales of friends/family, a garage sale, and extra odd jobs we were able to get paid for.  Thanks to all who have been supporting us, and helping us chip away at these payments little by little.  We still have faith that as the chunks get bigger – God will open doors!

Meanwhile we wait.  Wait and pray for Baby Anderson.

I took our girls to the zoo last weekend, and it was great weather.  I’m working on teaching them how to move slowly through a zoo, as opposed to rushing through it like a checklist.  Seeing how the monkeys are all sitting or hanging, instead of simply “checking them off a list” as we move on to the next animal.  Sure enough, the monkey decided to lounge in an almost creepy manner, winking at us like it knew exactly what was going on.  As we stopped at the Zebra, we paused to think about our little baby Anderson, somewhere in Africa, and the zebras that might live near her.  (turns out they’re rare in the DRC, but still… was a cool moment.)  Each night our girls echo that prayer, as at least one of them lists “Baby Anderson!”, or “Our sister in Africa!” before we pray.

We’ve had several moments in the past couple weeks of praying and remembering why we’ve decided to adopt from the DRC.  God continues to encourage us, and speak His Words of Love for His children.  There are moments where it all seems a bit uncomfortable, and we are reminded that we’ve been called to live a life that draws us to dependence on God.  As President Obama quoted from Lincoln in his speech last week, ““I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.

That seems like a good place to be…and if we aren’t living there, we may want to ask ourselves if we’re paying attention to the world God has a burden to make new.



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